Monique Voiret, visual artist born in Lyon in 1957, member of the «Maison des Artistes», professional association from 1992, live near Lyon (France.)

She participates from 1986 in exhibitions of visual arts in France or sometimes abroad and for several years at consultations of intervention in public art where her works take all their meaning in an opened dialogue with the environmental, architectural and historic context of the concerned places.
Her both scientific and artistic studies, allows her to find in the computer tools a «virtual» workshop adapted to the development of its researches.

She conceives installations which involves the inter-activity of the viewer where text, image or light served for returning counts of a place or of a reality.
This allows her to pass from monumental works to smaller interventions always in dialogue with the users of the place and the space in which the work writes itself.

She works currently in collaboration with the Parisian agency of architecture AMB of Mr. Beauvais for the artistic part of the rehabilitation of a Lyon hospitable center.

«I am a visual artist with always a sight of photographer and I like to integrate the architectural size in my installations. I use the tools of the new technologies for the design of my works, and create them in materials often very simple like wood, glass, metal, the cloth of a garment or the frame of a door, of a window...
After several years in works at the architectural scale or for urban place, I come back towards a notion of interior place, more private, into limits of a frame...
I always seek to create a different dialogue with the viewer, he remain actor in the reading of my proposal that I suggest to him even if he must open a door or half open a window... »

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